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Recent Activities

Our Mineral Gallery was literally carved out of the earth! After years of operating in downtown Nanaimo, Jim recently relocated operations to our premises where we continue to serve Pacific Northwest customers and, now, internet clients.

Back in 1995 when we built our home, in a decision designed to save money, we decided not to blast some rock that would take up about half of our basement. We finished the rest of the space but left one half as uncapped rock sloping up to the southernmost side of the house. At the time Jim joked that he might just remove that rock if he ever got bored. Well, a couple of years later, during the winter, Jim got bored and rented a jackhammer. It went so well that he worked at it a little more every year, and finally removed the last of the rock in the summer of 2005.

DiggingShovelsGetting There ...

Getting the concrete footings and floor poured took until September. Gyproc and painting and furniture construction continued to the end of November. Carpet was laid at the beginning of December and lighting installed. Finally the furniture was set up and specimens unpacked and set up. Mostly functional, the room continues to be setup with books and artwork being hung.

Rough FinishFurnishingSpecimen Shelves


Minerals and Fossils on DislplayMinerals and FossilsThe Finished Minerals and Fossils Gallery

Visit our new mineral showroom and view one of the most spectacular displays of natural crystals, minerals & fossils on Vancouver Island.

Specimen gallery visits and soapstone sales are by appointment only and can be arranged for most business days.

Call (250) 722-2276 or email Jim at jim@terracrystal.com to arrange your visit.

If you can't shop in person, check out our website and call or email us for information about any items of interest.

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