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At Terra Crystal Galleries, natural minerals and crystals are a passion and the inventory on hand reflects that. Our purpose at Terra Crystal Galleries is to help preserve as many of the best mineral crystals as we can through education and private collections.

Mining has always been one of British Columbia's most important industries and has played a key role in the development of the province. Vancouver Island was explored and settled because of rich coal deposits and the lure of gold drew hundreds of thousands to the Cariboo contributing to the development of every region of the province.

Not so many years ago, it was common for miners to come across beautiful minerals and crystals as they worked in the depths of the mines but today, due to modern mining methods, this is becoming a far rarer occurrence. With explosives and massive mining machinery, nothing is touched by human hand and everything goes into the crusher. Third world countries are becoming a scarcer source of specimens as new technology and foreign industrialization has become the norm.

The increasing popularity of mineral collecting is helping to discover new finds of unique minerals every year as exploration occurs in more and more remote parts of the earth providing us the opportunity to view these amazing treasures from the earth.

We invite you to come and see some of the finest examples of these rare earths, fine minerals and fossils.

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